Friday, February 19, 2010

its too late . huhhh ?

the day i went away , i never thought to turn back .
i walked along the path of way without thinking of anything .
whats' bear in mind is just the pain i'd through .
whats going on that time ?
i saw the person who was hurting me .
but i cant said even a one word .
i do regret it .
the times has past .
everything has changed a lot .
the day i went away i never realized it , how am i going to regret it all my life .
huhhh , theres no any chances anymore .
i missed it .
every second , minutes , hours , days , weeks & months remind me to the person who always cares about me .
but , the useless one is me , who always letting things without thinking .
i miss the moments a lot .
because of the person , i've changed .
nobody knows me better except the person .
i do love you buddy <33
but im so sorry for trouble you a lot .
i miss you ! =.=